the breakfast

A moment of conviviality to be shared around our large table, our breakfast showcases local products (french pastries), organic products (jams, fresh fruits) and homemade products (pancakes, yogurts, salted butter caramel, ...).

Quality is essential for hot drinks with roasted coffee from Maison Reux, Dammann teas and homemade hot chocolate for gourmets in short pants !

When you get out of bed, awaken your senses, awaken your taste buds and taste the best of Brittany !

the Guest house dinners

Putting a high point of working in a short circuit with local and seafood products through simple and generous cuisine, we invite you to the Dinners of the Guest House.

Whether it is a revisit of our childhood dishes or traditional regional dishes, we will know how to put your taste buds in the spotlight.

Reservation is required at least 3 days before your arrival depending on availability and opening days of our Guest house dinners. Dinners are limited to 8 guests.